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    To apply online:

    1. Click the Available Rentals tab
    2. Click on the property you wish to apply for
    3. Click the Apply Online link


    Application Standards:

    Please read this information carefully before submitting an application. A non-refundable $20 credit check fee must be submitted for each applicant applying for an apartment. Co-signers must also submit a $20 credit check fee with their co-signer application. We use screening procedures to evaluate each prospective resident before we approve the application. We will notify each applicant regarding the status of their application.


    1. Each applicant over 18 years of age must completely fill out and sign a rental application in order to be considered for tenancy. Occupancy is limited to those persons listed on the applications and lease contract. Minor children must also be listed.
    2. All applicants must have acceptable and positive rental references. Anyone who has been evicted and/or has left a rental property owing money to the landlord, will be rejected. For applicants without any rental history, a qualified guarantor will be required.
    3. Applicants are required to have verifiable monthly income of two and one half (2.5) times the rent or provide evidence that they have successfully paid a higher proportion of their income for rent for at least two years. In the alternative, they may also show demonstrable evidence of actual ability to pay the rental amount over the last 24 months or provide a co-signor if requested. Verification may be required by verbal employer statements, bank statement, tax returns, or other legal documents. Guarantors based on income must pass the same standards as the applicant.
    4. We do a credit background check and rely on credit history and credit scoring in evaluating the application. Anyone with unpaid debts or late payments that show on their credit report may be rejected. Any negative credit history must show a consistent favorable credit history to be considered. We do not accept guarantors for applicants with unfavorable credit. All credit information shall be kept confidential in compliance with applicable privacy laws.
    5. Landlord will also conduct a criminal background check on all applicants. Any negative criminal history may be grounds for denial.
    6. If the lease is not signed, and the security deposit is not paid, within 48 hours of being notified that the application has been accepted, Landlord reserves the right to proceed with another tenant.
    7. We try to process all applications within 24 hours. Applicants will be contacted if approved and notified if denied.
    8. We process completed applications in the order they are received. We make units available on a first come, first served basis and do not hold apartments.
    9. Pets are not accepted unless a separate agreement is signed in writing.
    10. Each lease will have an accompanying set of rules and regulations that must be also agreed to at the time of lease signature.

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